Student Application to Become a Peer Tutor

Applicant Information
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Educational Level             Program                                                                  Cumulative GPA    

Area(s) of Interest
Please list the courses or programs for which you are qualified to tutor, in order of preference.

Course # Course Name Instructor Grade

Are you interested in tutoring in Study Skills?

Your Availability
Approximately how many hours are you available to tutor each week? 

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Share your reasons for wanting to become a tutor.

Tutor Contract
TSCT tutoring mission is to provide each tutee with an opportunity to strengthen academic performance through individualized support, to foster interest in the subject matter, and to encourage learning independence. (You must agree to all of the following in order to be considered as a tutor.)

As a Tutor, (Choose all that you will agree to)
 I will abide by the Student Code of Conduct and exhibit professionalism.
 I will attend all my scheduled classes, complete homework, and complete class assignments.
 I will remain in satisfactory academic standing throughout the semester in which I am employed as a tutor.
 I will provide positive support to students.
 I will contact and remain in contact with the instructor I am tutoring for to stay abreast of important class content and topics.
 I will ensure the Tutor Coordinator is promptly informed of any problems or concerns that may arise.
 I will keep accurate records of all sessions including date, time, and signature required on the Peer Tutoring Log Form (click to download and print pdf form)
 I will submit completed time sheets to the Tutor Coordinator every other Friday according to TSCT payroll schedule.

As a Tutor, I understand
 I will NOT do the course/program work for the tutee.

As a Tutor, I understand the expectations and
 I will check my phone and TSCT email messages on a regular basis.
 I will respond to requests for tutoring within 24 hours of notification.
 I will be on time and prepared for my scheduled session(s).
 I will notify my client and Tutor Coordinator 24 hours in advance of any and all schedule changes.

 I have read and understand all expectations set forth in this agreement. Failure to comply may result in termination of my employment.

 I hereby give my consent to use the information provided in a manner consistent with and appropriate to the admission of the TSCT Tutoring Program.