MASN 101 (3 credits)
Intro to Tools, Safety and Equipment
Students will be introduced to the tools required for the masonry trade. Understand safety standards and practices. Receive training and certifications on various equipment used on a jobsite.

MASN 105 (3 credits)
Introduction to Masonry Construction
This course will teach the fundamentals of the masonry trade. This will include: spreading mortar and striking full joints, laying brick and block to the line, bonding the length and height of a wall, building leads, and hanging a corner pole.

MASN 110 (3 credits)
Development of Masonry Materials
History and the manufacturing of masonry materials. In the manufacturing of materials there are many different types of brick and block. You will learn their various names and where the material should be used in a wall. Portland cement comes in different forms and how to properly mix the different types. Students will learn what the different strengths of cement and where they should be used.

MASN 116 (3 credits)
Chimney Construction
Students will understand the difference between and be able to construct properly a single and double flue chimney.

MASN 155 (4 credits)
Block Construction, Bearings, and Anchoring Systems
Students will learn terminology; the placement of anchor bolts, bearing plates, setting lintels, cutting in electrical boxes and door ties. They will be working around conduit, duct work and rebar reinforcement. They will also build a composite wall using block and brick.

MASN 158 (2 credits)
Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer
Students will learn the tools and equipment for installing veneer stone; applications of hanging wire, scratch coat, flashings, vapor barriers, drain mats, to hang stone and point the mortar joints. Students will learn the different types of patterns stone can be laid in. 

MASN 162 (2 credits)
Masonry Hardscaping Patios & Retaining Walls
The proper use of masonry products in an outdoor environment. Understand the process to build an outdoor patio and retaining walls using masonry materials.

MASN 167 (3 credits)
Restoration and Building Maintenance
Cover the various materials that go along with masonry products. These would be; caulking, waterproofing, patching, repointing, cutting out and repairing damaged areas, and cleaning of masonry. This course will focus on preventive maintenance to stop any further damage of the masonry structure.

MASN 171 (1 credit)
Concrete Sidewalks
Students will learn how to build forms and placement of concrete for a sidewalk.

MASN 207 (5 credits)
Advanced Masonry Applications
Application of skills relative to masonry systems. Includes working on the off-campus housing project. Techniques include firewall construction, brick veneering, porch/ patio and step construction, and proper preparation for varying weather conditions.

MASN 211 (2 credits)
Planning and Management
Organizing personnel and materials on a job site; planning and coordinating the placement of equipment and materials; and completing a job on time and within budget. Supervisory duties and responsibilities are also covered.

MASN 216 (4 credits)
Blueprint Reading and Estimating
Basic skills to interpret residential construction drawings. Emphasis on calculation of materials, labor, and equipment necessary to complete selected projects. Proposals and closed bids required.

MASN 256 (4 credits)
Fireplace Construction
Provides history, theory, and function of the fireplace. Students design and construct a fireplace of their choice with an emphasis on proper terminology, workmanship, and various components of different fireplaces.

MASN 261 (3 credits)
Arch Construction
Provide the skills necessary to build various types of arches. Terminology, different types, and various techniques used in the construction of arches are taught.

MASN 266 (2 credits)
Tile Setting
The basics of ceramic tile setting are covered. Emphasis is placed on terminology, tools, safety, and proper layout.

MASN 271 (3 credits)
Footings and Foundations
Provides the opportunity to layout and construct a residential  concrete block foundation. Topics include blueprint interpretation, materials estimating, installation of anchor bolts, partition construction, and the use of the transit for site layout.