PLBG 106 (1 credit)
The Plumbing Trade

Prepares students for their role in the Plumbing Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College and for their future in the field. Examines organizational skills, safe work habits, and proper work attitude. Surveys the history of plumbing while also offering an examination of job opportunities and an analysis of steps in career progressions.

PLBG 111 (2 credits)
Plumbing Design I

Introduction to Plumbing Systems Study of potable water, methods of sewage disposal, components of plumbing systems, and basic physics as related to plumbing.
Prerequisite: PLBG 200

PLBG 116 (7 credits)
Plumbing Installation I Plumbing Tools and Materials

Familiarizes students with the proper selection and use of all the basic tools (hand tools, power tools, and torches) and materials (cast iron, steel, copper, plastics, and others) of the plumbing and pipefitting trades.

PLBG 121 (2 credits)
Construction Blueprint Reading

Introduces students to construction prints and documents. Basic drawing symbols and line forms are explained, and the course covers the use of basic drawing tools, dimensioning, and single line pipe drawing methods and practices.

PLBG 156 (3 credits)
Plumbing Design II: Blueprint Reading

Focus on residential piping system design. Skills covered include the following: designing systems; reading blueprints; making orthographic and isometric pipe sketches and drawings; sizing potable water systems; sizing DWV systems; and sizing natural gas systems.
Prerequisite: PLBG 111

PLBG 161 (5 credits)
Plumbing Installation II: Residential Plumbing Installation

Discusses the installation of residential piping systems, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, and water heaters.
Prerequisites: PLBG 111 and PLBG 116

PLBG 166 (2 credits)
Plumbing Service I: Introduction to Plumbing Service

Focuses on the selection and use of tools and procedures for servicing and repairing plumbing systems. Skills include troubleshooting and repairing faucets and valves, leaking pipes, clogged drains, and toilets.
Prerequisite: PLBG 161

PLBG 206 (2 credits)
Plumbing Design III: Plumbing Codes

By examining the 2009 International Plumbing Code, this course prepares students to design, install, and maintain plumbing systems in compliance with this statewide code. The course features the proper use of materials and fittings, correct venting, methods for testing plumbing systems, and the sizing of potable water, drainage waste and vent, storm water drainage, and natural gas piping systems.
Prerequisites: PLBG 156 and PLBG 161

PLBG 211 (4 credits)
Plumbing Installation III

An advanced residential plumbing course that is basically concerned with the plumbing of the housing project. Shop practice is made available as needed, but most instruction occurs at the housing project.
Prerequisite: PLBG 206

PLBG 216 (3 credits)
Plumbing Installation IV: Commercial Plumbing Installation

Covers the design and installation of compressed air piping systems, storm water drainage systems, specification fittings and fixtures, and commercial sanitary drainage and venting, and potable water systems. Students learn to read commercial blueprints and to acquire information from specification literature, applying this information in developing the capstone project, a complete and functioning commercial toilet room facility.
Prerequisite: PLBG 161

PLBG 221 (1 credit)
Plumbing Service II: Advanced Plumbing Services

An extension of PLBG 166. Covers the tools and procedures to repair flushometer valves, water heaters, frozen pipes, water hammer, and backflow.
Prerequisite: PLBG 166

PLBG 256 (3 credits)
Plumbing Design IV: Designing Hydronic Heating Systems
Designing and sizing hydronic heating systems is taught. Includes the calculation of heat loss.
Prerequisite: PLBG 156

PLBG 261 (4 credits)
Plumbing Installation V: Installing Hydronic Heating Systems

Students learn the proper installation of residential and commercial hot water heating systems.
Prerequisite: PLBG 116

PLBG 266 (2 credits)
Plumbing Service III: Servicing Hydronic Heating Systems

Heating service, including repair of hot water circulation problems, combustion testing, oil burner, and gas burner repair, boiler clean-up, and system troubleshooting are covered.
Prerequisite: PLBG 116

PLBG 271 (2 credits)
Plumbing Installation VI

Includes hands-on experience and training in the installation of plumbing fixtures, appliances, and the finished piping in a permanent structure. Work is done on the housing project and other appropriate