Computer Software Engineering Technology

Lancaster, PA – The College is proud to announce the introduction of a new program for Fall 2017 called Computer Software Engineering Technology (CSET). Students will learn how to customize soft ware programs to meet the demands for automated systems in industry.

Th e original request for the development of this new program came from representatives of local industry who needed skilled designers for employment. Mr. Joel Walker, owner and CEO of Industrial Resolutions, and Mr. Chip Cargas, owner and CEO of Cargas Systems, met with Dr. Griscom to explain their needs. It became apparent from the first meeting that the needs for these technicians were both local and nationwide. Few colleges and universities were delivering training programs which directly produced graduates who were capable of designing and coding customized software. Too often graduates of existing computer programming courses required months of in-house training to bring them up to a productive level for the employer.The representatives asked Thaddeus Stevens College to develop and deliver a program that prepared their graduates for immediate job entry and production.

To achieve the goal of creating a job ready program in the high tech area, the College assembled a team of local professionals who job it is to develop customized software programs for industry. Using a modified DACUM process, the team examined the tasks which are required in the development of customized software.This included an evaluation of existing software, an understanding of various building block systems, data storage and retrieval, project management procedures, and customer service principles. Based upon all these, the team developed an outline of the exact competencies needed for successful completion of the educational goals. Note that a heavy emphasis was placed on hands-on applications throughout the program, and ending with a required internship.


The result of these efforts includes the specialized courses that follow:

  • CSET 105 Introduction to Web Applications (3cr)
  • CSET 110 Web Development I (3cr)
  • CSET 115 Technical Requirements & Data Structures (3cr)
  • CSET 120 Soft ware Project I (3cr) • CSET 155 Database Design (3cr)
  • CSET 160 Web Development II (3cr)
  • CSET 170 Security and Professional Ethics (3cr)
  • CSET 180 Soft ware Project II (3cr) • CSET 205 Advanced Data Integration (3cr)
  • CSET 210 Workplace Communications (2cr) • CSET 220 Soft ware Project III (3cr)
  • TECH 199 Internship (Required) (4cr)
  • CSET 260 Soft ware Principles (3cr)
  • CSET Advanced Elective(s) (3cr)


Where will the new program be housed? This was the question which was raised during the DACUM. After a long silence, one of the panel members suggested that the “laboratory” for the new program could be anywhere. All that was required was a WiFi connection, and the site could be in the auditorium, in a classroom, in the MAC, outside or anyplace where students could sit. Furthermore, the only equipment and tools required, for both teacher and student, is a notebook computer and certain software packages. Total cost for these items are estimated to be around $2000. That’s not too bad for a program that offers immediate job entry at excellent salaries. Th e Computer Software Engineering Technology program will bring a new breed of students to the campus. Individuals who plan to major in CSET will be less like a technician and more like an engineer. They will be skilled in computer systems, soft ware operation, APP creation, gaming, and computer modification. They will be adept in math, physics, and logic. Recruiting such students will demand a new approach to marketing, and will change the way we think about our target student populations..

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