Computer & Network Systems Administration Program Welcomes Guest Speakers


Each year, our Computer & Network Systems Administration (CNSA) program invites guest speakers to their classroom to spend time connecting with second-year students. These guest speakers, who are often also program alumni, provide insight into their employment in the industry, answer questions, offer career trajectory advice and guidance, and much more.

So far this year, the program has welcomed guests from Clark Associates and Hinge.

Christine Cruz (an IT Project Manager/Helpdesk Supervisor), Megan Miller (an NOC Supervisor and CNSA program graduate), and Mariel Stoltfolz (a Document Manager and CNSA program graduate) spoke earlier in October to students on a variety of topics. All three, who are currently employed by Clark Associates, discussed the scope of work they do, from monitoring the company’s network, websites, and network assets, to working closely with employees, help desk, and security, and much more. They also provided interview tips, sharing thoughtful examples of what it was like both to be interviewed by Clark Associates, as well as to interview potential new employees for the company.

In addition, Megan and Mariel shared insight on the ways in which the hands-on experiences and skills they gained in the CNSA program at TSCT have supported their growth within the company, as both have been promoted to leadership positions.

They closed their presentation by encouraging students to communicate, challenge themselves, learn from mistakes, and always keep learning.

Brandon Pearce is an Enterprise Security Manager with Hinge who works from the company’s headquarters in New York City. He’s also as a recent CNSA program graduate. In addition to speaking to students in late October on many of the same topics as our guests from Clark Associates, he also provided helpful advice on how students can be successful in their final year of the CNSA program.

Current CNSA students asked lots of great questions during their presentations, which resulted in additional information and insight being shared on topics that ranged from job shadow opportunities, to “a day in the life”, to the value of a two-year degree from TSCT, to dreams and aspirations, and much more.

The program looks forward to continuing this impactful tradition and welcoming future guest speakers, who include Aidan Downes (a Software Engineering Manager at Google), Evan Phyillaier (an Application Analyst at eCore), Evan Templin (a Software Developer at Crestwood Associates), and Evan Trowbridge (a Software Developer at Crestwood Associates).

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