First Cohort of Civil Engineering Construction Technology Graduates Makes History 

The Class of 2024 made history, not just by being the biggest graduating class ever from Thaddeus Stevens College, but also by including the very first group of graduates from the Civil Engineering Construction Technology program. These 17 trailblazers were the first to walk across the stage from a program that’s truly one-of-a-kind.  

This groundbreaking program came to life thanks to the urgent need for skilled professionals in the heavy construction industry, especially with an aging workforce and a shortage of qualified workers. With nothing else like it in the area or the country, our Civil Engineering Construction Technology program is filling a crucial gap by training students in the skills they need to thrive in the civil and heavy construction arena. At an informational session for students to learn more about the industry, 20 companies were present, highlighting just how important and relevant this program is for the industry.  

Developing this program was a team effort, with input from eight top construction engineering companies. They met weekly with the College to shape a curriculum that’s both thorough and practical. The result? A program that not only teaches the technical side of civil engineering and construction but also preps students to be effective leaders on the job site.  

Mitch Kauffman, the program’s first dedicated instructor, has been a key player in this success. He’s been guiding students through a curriculum designed to make them pros in managing job sites and crews, reading blueprints, and working safely in the field. His dedication ensures that our graduates aren’t just skilled workers but also confident leaders ready to take on complex projects.  

Beyond classroom learning, students get real-world experience through practical projects. Thanks to the participating companies, students have access to materials and a 2-acre site on quarry property for hands-on training. This mix of theory and practice means our grads are ready to hit the ground running.  

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re excited about the future growth of our unique programs. They’re not only benefiting our students but also strengthening the industry by providing a steady stream of well-prepared professionals.  

 For more info about the Civil Engineering Construction Technology program and what it offers, check out the program page here:

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