Students talk with recruiters at a job fair.

Recruiting Best Practices

How to recruit and retain Thaddeus Stevens College students and graduates

There are many employers who have partnered with Thaddeus Stevens College for years and have seen success in regularly recruiting and retaining alumni of our programs.

These employers use a multi-faceted approach, including:

  1. Register as an employer in the College’s job posting system
    • Regularly post open positions for students and graduates so they have access to your needs.
    • Adjust job descriptions to be most relevant to the students. Mention if you have graduates working for you already, which may make students and alumni more likely to apply.
    • Outline in the job posting how the role has a career path forward. Students will want to understand the steps they will need to move forward in their careers and how that particular role, and your company in general, can be a place for them to flourish.
  2. Get Involved in one or more of our Occupational Advisor Committees. Each of our academic programs has an advisory committee that helps to evaluate, develop, and guide the program’s curriculum, equipment selection, and student competencies. The committees serve as program ambassadors in community outreach. For more information on serving in one of these committees, see the information sheet.
  3. Hire an intern on a part-time basis over the summer or throughout the school year. This can be a great way to find future employees while giving students more field experience. Visit our intern information page.
  4. Attend annual Career Fairs and other recruiting events. At these events, you can meet first—or second-year students in person, share information about your company, and sign them up on the spot to connect with you further. Check out our Career Fairs.
  5. Host an information session for current students. You or others on your team can visit campus, talk with students about careers in your company, and begin to connect with them more. These sessions must be pre-scheduled so as not to disrupt students’ time in labs and classrooms. You can visit one specific major, host an information session over lunch or in the evening, or meet with students from multiple majors. For more information, please contact our Career Services Office.
  6. Invite students to tour your facility. This can be coordinated with faculty from relevant programs. Visit our program pages to get in touch.
  7. Partner with an Admissions Recruiter to visit a school near your offices or at our College Open House events to assist with recruiting students to attend Thaddeus Stevens College. Get in touch with our admissions staff!
  8. Become an industry mentor. You can assist current students with capstone projects, conduct mock interviews, provide job shadowing, and more! Speaking with our Career Services Office and/or program faculty is a great way to move forward with these commitments.

We’ve even asked our students directly for the past several years what they want in an employer. We collected this data into a full presentation, which you can view here.

If you’d like to connect with someone to discuss these options and other ways to get involved, please: