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Reighard Hall

The Residence Life team recently announced the availability of a new housing option beginning in the 2023-24 academic year. This housing opportunity is located in Millersville and is open only to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology students who will enter the 2023-24 academic year as second-year (sophomore) returning students.

This housing opportunity is made possible through a new partnership with Student Lodging, Inc., which manages several residence halls for Millersville University.

Reighard Hall is located at 101 Shenks Lane, Millersville, PA 17551. It was originally designed as a hotel and later converted to meet the needs of college students, as it is adjacent to Millersville University.

Virtual Tour

You can view photos, location on a map, amenities, and safety information on this virtual tour website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Reighard Hall located?

Reighard Hall is located at 101 Shenks Lane, Millersville, PA. It is adjacent to Millersville University’s campus. The drive time is approximately 20 minutes to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology’s Main Campus.

Is there an additional cost to live at Reighard Hall?

No, you will pay the same room rate you would pay to live in a residence hall at Main Campus or Orange Street at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

Is there parking at Reighard Hall?

Yes, at the building and behind the building. When you purchase your Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology parking pass, you will be provided with an additional parking pass that is only valid in this building’s parking lot.

Please note that students cannot park on Millersville University’s campus without buying one of their parking passes.

Is there transportation to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology from Reighard Hall, and back again?

Yes, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will provide limited shuttle service. Pickup and drop off will be at the main entrance to Reighard Hall, and at the shuttle stop on Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology’s Main Campus. Please understand that this will not be the most convenient form of travel. We recommend that at least one of the two students living together in Reighard Hall have a vehicle.

Are there any single rooms?

No, all rooms are double rooms.

What is included in each room?

Each room has 2 full-size beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 wardrobes, and 2 dressers. There also is an adjustable heating and cooling unit in each room, as well as wireless internet access and ethernet access. This building does not offer cable-ready rooms, as many of Student Lodging, Inc. clients have switched to using their own streaming services.

Where are the bathrooms?

There is a private bathroom in each room that only needs to be shared with your roommate.

Who cleans my room and bathroom?

You and your roommate are responsible for keeping your room and bathroom clean. Limited cleaning supplies, as well as a vacuum, will be available at the front desk or laundry room.

What safety features are available?

Each room has a smoke detector and sprinkler head. There are also carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers located throughout the building.

Are there any security cameras?

Yes. Security cameras and emergency phones are placed throughout the entire Student Lodging, Inc. complex.

How will I do my laundry?

There is a laundry facility in the building with free washers and dryers. You need to provide your own High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent.

What if I need maintenance in my room or building?

If you need maintenance, go to your tenant web portal and fill out a maintenance request. You can also call (717) 872-4611 or stop by the Student Lodging, Inc. office, which is located at 508 Hillview Ave. Millersville, PA 17551. If it is a maintenance emergency, please call 717-872-4611. If it is outside regular business hours, your call will be directed to an emergency on-call staff member.

How do I receive mail or packages?

Please use the following address along with your name and room number: Reighard Hall, 101 Shenks Lane, Millersville PA.

What if I want to live in Reighard Hall, but do not have a roommate?

Please attend the Roommate Meet and Greet on Monday, April 17, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm in Jones Dining Hall to meet a potential new roommate. Preference for rooms will be given to students with roommates first, and those without roommates will be matched.

Can TSCT students use Millersville University’s gym?

Millersville University’s Campus Recreation Center offers guest passes (day/week/semester/annual). They are available for purchase via their website and at the Ticket Office in the Student Memorial Center.

Do TSCT students have access to health services at Millersville University?

No. Students should call 9-1-1 or go to the closest medical facility.

Can TSCT students use Millersville University’s campus dining?

Yes. The university offers options to pay for food and meals at locations on their campus.

Access hours and prices for their university dining hall.

Access hours for their retail dining throughout campus.

Am I a Millersville University student, too, since I’ll be living near their campus?

No, you are only a Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT) student. Students living at Reighard Hall will have a swipe card to enter the building and their room. TSCT students will receive an ID card from TSCT to follow our course catalog, handbook, Code of Conduct, etc.

Will there be security personnel in the building?

A Residence Life staff member from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will be assigned to the building. Student workers will be at the front desk. Police, fire department, and EMS can be contacted by calling 9-l-l.

Which policies are in effect at Reighard Hall?

All Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology policies apply in this building, including the guest policy.

Who do I contact about concerns while living in Reighard Hall?

Please follow normal Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology procedures. Maintenance concerns should be reported directly to Student Lodging, Inc. Emergencies should be reported to 911. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology personnel should be contacted for all other questions or concerns.

Can I bring a refrigerator and microwave to my room in Reighard Hall?

Microwaves will be provided in the common area for use. You can bring your own refrigerator (5.0 cubic feet maximum).

Where is the rally point in case of a fire in Reighard Hall?

Please report to the flagpole near the Reighard Hall sign outside.

Is renters insurance required?

Student Lodging, Inc. does not require renters insurance. However, Student Lodging, Inc. is not responsible for your personal belongings.

How many floors are there in Reighard Hall?

There are two floors in this building.

Is there an elevator in Reighard Hall?


When can I move in? When do I need to move out (i.e. breaks, summer, etc.)?

Move-in will follow the same schedule as students moving into residence halls at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology’s main campus and Griscom Education Center location.

May I rearrange my room when I move into Reighard Hall?

If the furniture you’re interested in moving can be moved into your room, you are permitted to do so.

Can I loft my bed?


Will Millersville University students be living in Reighard Hall?

No, Reighard Hall is only for full-time resident Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology students.

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