Thaddeus Stevens College student looking through Thaddeus Stevens informational

Student Handbook

Everything you need to know

Every new and returning student must understand the College’s expectations, policies, procedures, and operations. It’s our mission to create a pathway to education for those who might not have had access otherwise and to create an environment of equity and inclusion while building the future workforce of Pennsylvania. Here you can learn our values, academic details, safety information, financial aid process, available services, extracurricular activities, and residence life information.

What you’ll find inside

Core Values

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is committed to structuring and maintaining its daily functions around the following core values: integrity, diversity, respect, teamwork, learning and growth, and accountability.

Academic Details

The academic section of the handbook contains details about the College’s academic calendar, academic policies, and information related to procedures around grading, credit transfers, and courses.

Safety Information

The handbook explores emergency notifications, crime and fire reporting, health services, and information regarding Title IX policies and reporting procedures.

Financial Aid Process

More than 90 percent of students at Thaddeus Stevens College receive some form of financial aid. This section of the handbook includes Stevens Grant eligibility, satisfactory academic progress details, and general financial aid rules.

Available Services

This section of the handbook provides information about our House of Champ College Store, Counseling Services, Accessibility Services, Career Services, Student Employment, Learning Resources Center, and much more. You can also explore these supports here.

Extracurricular Activities

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology strongly supports student organizations that provide meaningful experiences for students and enhance their cultural, social, physical, and spiritual development.

Residence Life Information

The institution’s residence life program is intended to foster self-development, good citizenship, and democratic principles.