Good Day PA with ABC 27 Shares Thaddeus Stevens College Stories

ABC 27/WHTM hosted Thaddeus Stevens College as a sponsor of four segments throughout the fall. College leadership and faculty discussed progress and insights related to the College. Learn more about each segment on Good Day PA below!

Enrollment, Diversity, and Career Possibilities: President Pedro Rivera

President Pedro Rivera shared how Thaddeus Stevens College has recently grown and changed, including program growth and diversity. He also touched on what a difference graduating from the College can be, and what those interested can do to take next steps.


Water Program Makes a Difference

Shannon Butler, Instructor in Thaddeus Stevens College’s Water & Environmental Technology Program, goes into detail on what the curriculum includes and what types of students tend to enroll. She also explains the jobs they can get after completing the program and how valuable their impact will be in our day-to-day lives.

Thaddeus Stevens Foundation Changes Lives

The Foundation supporting the College directly impacts students by providing valuable scholarships and grants as well as the land needed for the College’s Annual Student Home Build project. Executive Director Jenny Germann shares how the College’s founder Thaddeus Stevens inspires the work we do and how you can get involved with the Foundation.



How to Recruit and Retain Thaddeus Stevens College Grads

Laurie Grove, the Director of Career Services at Thaddeus Stevens College, goes into detail on how employers can seek graduates of the College’s programs. She discusses both how to recruit students and how to retain them, as well as how an education from the College prepares students for the workforce.


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