Redevelopment Authority Grant for Student Tuition


Thaddeus Stevens College recently received a grant in the amount of $239,086 from the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority. The grant is designated to be used as scholarship funds for students in construction-related programs.

The funds will cover tuition dollars for between 20 and 40 students at the College as part of its Stevens Grants. These are available to those who qualify for Federal Pell Grant funding and are used as ‘last dollars’ to help a student reach the threshold of funding to attend. The Stevens Grant is part of how Thaddeus Stevens College fulfills its mission to provide equitable access to education, and as such, is a standard part of our financial aid process.

These grant funds from the Authority will be available as soon as this semester and will be able to support students for the Spring semester of 2024 and throughout the coming semesters until the funds are spent before the deadline at the end of 2026. The tuition cost to attend Thaddeus Stevens College in the 2023/24 school year is $9,000 per year and will remain unchanged for the 2024/25 school year.

The Authority funding comes directly from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, and is being provided under the workforce development provisions of the Whole Home Repairs program.

This funding is a strong support to the College, as Stevens Grants come from the College’s operating budget. As enrollment has grown in recent years, the Stevens Grant dollars needed to support incoming and current students also increased. This year, 42 percent of students attending Thaddeus Stevens College have received a Stevens Grant.

The College is grateful to the Redevelopment Authority for its support in helping students work toward a future where they will receive family-thriving wages in high-demand fields, often changing the trajectory of their lives.

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