Thaddeus Stevens College Named an Empowering Women Organization

The Central Penn Business Journal and Lehigh Valley Business recently named Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology an Empowering Women organization. 

The Empowering Women Awards shine a light on companies and organizations that have demonstrated tangible efforts and documented results supporting and empowering women in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Judges considered criteria including how the College elevates women into positions of leadership, provides mentorship opportunities, and how it maintains a commitment to hiring women. The College’s demonstrated dedication to empowering women includes women serving on its board, and 25 percent of its faculty who are women, which has increased in recent years. Forty percent of the College’s non-faculty staff are female, also an increase in recent years. The College makes its trade and technical education programs accessible to women and supports a student organization, Women in Technology and Trades. One of the most important features of the College’s elevation of women is to ensure that women are not only hired and promoted into leadership positions, but to ensure they thrive in these roles. Women are empowered to share their insights, advise on decisions at all levels, and continue to have a seat at the table in all areas. 

A group of students, female faculty, and female staff attended the Empowering Women Awards event to accept the honor.

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