LNP Showcases the Growth and Diversity at Thaddeus Stevens College

On Sunday, Dec. 17, LNP, the county newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, showcased the recent growth and commitment to diversity of Thaddeus Stevens College.

The article highlights the many job openings available for each graduate of the College, along with how the school comes alongside industry to support the state’s economy.

Thaddeus Stevens College provides hands-on skill building for a cost much more attainable than many four-year institutions. As part of its mission of creating access to education, students are connected with many grant and scholarship opportunities, along with state and federal funding and the College’s own Stevens Grant, a last-dollar scholarship for those who meet certain federal income standards. Students are also closely connected with all throughout the application process both before and after enrollment. Trade and technical education can be a positive change to the upward mobility of someone’s life, enabling a family-thriving wage and generational stability.

Aided Balbuena, an Automotive Technology student graduating in May, was highlighted for her thoughts on the College’s commitment to welcoming diversity and helping her feel supported as a woman. The College’s upcoming capital improvement projects were also summarized.

You can read the article highlighting growth here.

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