Multiple female faculty featured in Central Penn Busines Journal

Thaddeus Stevens College has had a mission to improve equity since 1905. 

One of the ways the college focuses on this mission is by providing opportunity in technical and trade education for women. This includes encouraging applications and enrollment of women, supporting women while they are participating in the College’s programs through mentorship and opportunities to help them thrive, and coming alongside them as they continue on into their careers. 

Seeing women at work in future career tracks, being mentored by faculty and staff, and seeing representation of thriving women leaders throughout the College all contribute to how Thaddeus Stevens College focuses on creating equity for women in its priorities. 

The Central Penn Business Journal and Lehigh Valley Business recently featured four of the College’s faculty members and our Dean of Enrollment, sharing how they help encourage women to attend Thaddeus Stevens College, as well as support them on campus and throughout their careers. You can read the article here:

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