Donation for Skills USA

The Welding Technology and Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology programs received  a generous donation from Viocity Group. The company, known for its excellence in production welding, sent its training team to campus for a hands-on session with our students. This visit wasn’t just about demonstrating welding techniques; it was a comprehensive educational experience. The Viocity team went beyond the basics, sharing industry best practices and familiarizing students with the standards and protocols in their company handbook.  

The highlight of Viocity Group’s visit was their donation of SKILLS USA laser cut training kits, fostering the next generation of welding professionals. These kits, sourced, cut, and delivered by Viocity, serve as a testament to the collaboration between industry and education. They provide our students a bridge between classroom learning and real-world application.  

Furthermore, the impact of this partnership was immediately evident, as several students made connections for possible future jobs, indicating the potential for immediate career opportunities.  

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