Civil Engineering Construction Program Highlighted in CPBJ

In response to a growing need driven by an aging workforce and the scarcity of qualified professionals, Thaddeus Stevens College pioneered a construction engineering program. This initiative emerged from consultations with several construction engineering companies that provided regular input, leading to the creation of the Civil Engineering Construction Technology program. Recognizing the critical gap in the industry, 20 companies rallied in support during the informational session, highlighting the community’s investment in this educational path.  

Launched in 2022, the inaugural class welcomed 17 ambitious students, eager to fill the void in a sector crucial to the nation’s infrastructure and growth. Guided by instructor Mitch Kauffman, the curriculum is designed to mold students into competent field leaders. The program focuses on essential skills such as job site and crew management, blueprint reading, and adhering to safety practices in a field known for its risks. This comprehensive education ensures that graduates are not just workers but leaders who can navigate the complexities of construction projects with confidence and efficiency.  

The College saw there was not a program like this in the state and quickly stepped into supply a future workforce. By filling a critical void, the program not only educates but also strengthens the industry’s future. The collaborative effort between the College and participating companies extends beyond curriculum development; it includes donations of materials and the provision of a 2-acre site on quarry property for hands-on experience, underscoring the community’s commitment to cultivating a new generation of construction engineering professionals.  

The Central Penn Business Journal recently highlighted the creation and success of this program. You can read the article here: 

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