President Rivera as Guest on Radio Centro

In a recent Radio Centro interview, President Pedro Rivera shared insights into the remarkable growth the school has experienced, highlighting a significant increase in student enrollment against a backdrop where many colleges have seen declines post-pandemic. President Rivera attributed this success to our strong focus on popular and essential programs, which not only attract students but also meet critical workforce needs. With 24 degrees offered, 4 certificate programs, and several six-week and six-month short-term training options, Thaddeus Stevens College places a strong emphasis on programs that are vital not just for student careers but also for community development.  

A key part of the school’s mission revolves around inclusion and diversity, with a core amount of the student body coming from minority backgrounds, and a growing representation of women on campus. Mr. Rivera also highlighted efforts to make education more affordable and accessible, including initiatives to reduce the financial burden on students and their families. He shared how is passion is born from his upbringing by a single mother from Puerto Rico and how important it is to offer students a chance to achieve their educational and career goals.  

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