Academic Coach Paulina Advances our Mission of Equity and Support

We had the honor of having one of our own highlighted in the annual Black Business Directory recently. Paulina Rodriguez, Academic Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, has always focused on economic empowerment and making sure everyone feels like they belong, especially those who’ve had it tough. She works tirelessly to come alongside students pursuing higher education and setting them up for success. Paulina pays particular attention to those who might not have had these opportunities without the mission of Thaddeus Stevens College to create access to higher education.

At a challenging point in her life, while raising young children, Paulina faced the setback of losing her job, a situation made more challenging by the demands of juggling family responsibilities and work commitments. It was after this difficult experience that Paulina made a big decision to invest in her future. She chose to enroll in Thaddeus Stevens College’s Business Administration program as a non-traditional student, seizing the opportunity to redefine her career path and secure a brighter future for herself and her family.  

Fast forward to today, Paulina is passionate about helping students build resilience and grit. She’s there for them, providing a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen as they navigate their challenges. Working together to find the best path forward is what she loves most about her role at the college. She guides students to broaden their views, teaching them to see things from different angles, manage their many responsibilities and various personalities they’ll encounter in life, and to approach others with empathy, recognizing that everyone is facing their own battles.  

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