Manufacturing Job Demands Not Slowing Down

Laurie Grove, the Director of Career Services at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, recently shared insights into the overwhelming demand for graduates in the manufacturing sector. In the article focused on the hiring needs of manufacturing companies, Grove highlighted the College’s unique approach to education, combining hands-on, practical skills in trades with cutting-edge technical knowledge through programs like Computer Integrated Machining and Electro-Mechanical Engineering. This blend prepares students to meet next-generation workforce needs immediately.  

The demand for Thaddeus Stevens College graduates, particularly in manufacturing, shows no signs of slowing down. The college’s 414 graduates in 2022 attracted interest from 1,400 companies offering a staggering 8,000 job positions. Projections for 2023 look even more promising. The college is meeting the high demand by expanding its career events this year, each attended by approximately 230 companies.  

Grove points out two significant trends fueling this demand: The challenge of replacing the retiring baby boomer generation and the necessity for manufacturers to ramp up hiring to keep pace with consumer wants and the shift toward domestic production.   

You can read more of Laurie’s comments in this recent LNP article:

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