Robotics Welding Grant and Equipment

The High Foundation recently awarded Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology a $100,000 grant for collaborative robotic welding equipment. This marks a significant advancement for the Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology program. The award allows the College to meet the urgent welding workforce shortage and stay current with industry trends.  

With this technology, a single operator can manage multiple robots, directly tackling the skilled labor gap while preparing students with the skills needed for immediate entry into the workforce.  

The FANUC CRX Robot is a collaborative robotic welder able to perform manufacturing processes as well as simple pick and place operations while working safely around humans (or students in our case)! These innovative collaborative robots optimize production, improve quality, and reduce errors.   

By incorporating robotic welding practices into the curriculum, the program ensures its graduates are equipped with the latest skills, making them highly valuable to future employers.  

Beyond technical skill enhancement, the initiative is designed to improve the safety and attractiveness of the welding environment, appealing to a diverse and inclusive student body – including more female students. It also focuses on holistic student development, critical thinking and innovation. The collaborative effort between the program and industry partners not only prepares students for transition into high-demand careers but also supplies a much-needed skilled workforce.

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