A box of goods from a food pantry.

Thad’s Resource Center

Thaddeus Stevens College maintains a resource center for a variety of student needs, including a clothing closet with professional clothes, a food pantry, hygiene items, a nurse’s office, and our accessibility office.

Our College’s mission is to create access to education for those who may not otherwise have that opportunity. In light of that, we know that there may be some students, both those living in our residence halls and commuter students, who may not have the privileges others have at their fingertips.

Access to these resources is kept confidential.

A student works with an accessibility coordinator

Accessibility Office

Our Accessibility Office works with students by fostering self-advocacy, independence, and use of technology. Qualified students with disabilities must personally request accommodations – a parent or family member cannot complete this. Information is confidential. The college’s Accessibilities Coordinator determines reasonable accommodations.

Accessibility Office

A nurse helps a student with a bandage

Health Services

Student success starts with promoting and protecting the well-being of our students. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Student Health Services focuses on providing the highest quality patient care with a strong emphasis on health promotion and preventive health education.

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Food Pantry

Thad’s Food Pantry is maintained and accessible for resident students and commuters who may be in need of meals and snacks. Access is kept confidential and is managed through our Student Services office. Students can request access when they are in need and can pick from a variety of options.

Clothing Closet

Thad’s Closet is a space with professional clothes that students can use to prepare for interviews, career fairs, or other needs. It is available on a confidential basis, and students can try clothes on to see what they like before keeping the items. Our Student Services Office manages this and can be an important part of a student’s preparation for graduation.

Hygiene Items

As an additional resource in Thad’s Resource Center, students can access necessary hygiene items such as sheets, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, laundry detergent, lotion, foot powder, hairbrushes and feminine hygiene products. This is available to both commuter students and residence hall students as needed. Students can work with the Student Services Office to access, and requests are kept confidential.