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Establish a Scholarship

There are several ways to fund scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. They include gifts of cash, stocks and securities, bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, and memorials. 

Empower the Next Generation:

Contribute to Scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology 

Last year alone, the Thaddeus Stevens Foundation was honored to award over $140,000 in scholarships to 87 deserving students, made possible through the steadfast support of our community partners. 

Despite our college’s competitive tuition rates and robust community backing, financial hurdles still prevent many students from accessing the education they deserve. It is imperative that we continue to break down these barriers by funding high-quality, accessible education. 

Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient of your scholarship, I am honored. While at Thaddeus Stevens I am in the plumbing technology class and work for a plumber when I am on break from school. Receiving this scholarship allows me to cut into my student loan that I continue to work and pay for, as well as easing the financial burden that me and my two sisters going to college causes. After I graduate from Thaddeus I plan to work in the plumbing union and give back to my community.

Scholarship Recipient in the 23-24 Plumbing Technology Program

Your support of the Thaddeus Stevens Foundation plays a pivotal role in our mission, covering crucial educational costs and making a profound difference in the lives of our students. This assistance not only helps maintain our cutting-edge programs and facilities but also ensures students can overcome financial barriers and focus on achieving their academic and career goals. Furthermore, your generosity extends to providing vital support for students grappling with financial barriers and other unforeseen adversities, helping them remain concentrated on their academic goals. 

Together, we can foster a future where our students not only succeed but excel, bringing their newfound knowledge and skills back to rejuvenate our communities upon graduating from Thaddeus Stevens College. Join us in this essential endeavor—your support creates a legacy of opportunity and transformation. 

Your support means the world to me, and I cannot thank you enough for investing in my education and future. Receiving this scholarship will greatly alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing my degree in residential remodeling. As a student managing tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs, your assistance will allow me to focus more on my studies and professional development without the constant worry of financial constraints. This scholarship not only provides financial relief but also serves as a significant encouragement and affirmation of my academic pursuits. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and promise to make the most of it. Your investment in my education inspires me to work diligently towards my goals and give back to others in the future. Your generosity motivates me to strive for excellence and uphold the values of hard work and dedication.

Scholarship Recipient in the 23-24 Residential Remodeling Program

Types of Scholarships: 

  • Named Endowed Scholarship: Create a lasting legacy in honor of an individual or a corporate entity with a minimum gift of $25,000, which can be paid as a lump sum or over four years. This endowment provides sustained support, disbursing a minimum of $1,000 annually in scholarship funds in perpetuity. 
  • Annual Scholarship: Quickly make a direct impact. This option allows your contributions to be awarded as scholarships in the next academic year, offering immediate assistance to students without the need for a large endowment. 
  • General Scholarship Fund: Every donation matters. Whether small or large, your gifts are pooled in the General Scholarship Fund, magnifying the collective support provided to our deserving students. All contributors are acknowledged in our Annual Report. 

Ready to create a scholarship? 

Fill out the form below or contact Jenny Germann, our Foundation Director at to tailor a scholarship that reflects your philanthropic vision. 

Scholarship Donation Deadlines: 

  • For Fall Scholarships: Donations are due by February 1. 
  • For Spring Scholarships: Donations are due by July 1. 

Company Tuition Reimbursement: 

Tuition reimbursement is a direct partnership between companies and students, funding tuition in exchange for future employment. This is managed through the College’s tuition accounts and not the Foundation. For details, contact our Director of Career Services or Financial Aid.

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