Employers talk with students at a Career Fair.

Career Services

Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a College Program

Before you apply to a college, some of the most impactful questions you can ask surround how many students graduate and how successful they are in finding well-paying jobs with a future. If you are considering seeking out a program, knowing how strong the results are in that program will make a vast difference to your future!

Three questions you can ask:

  1. What percent of students who enroll in a particular major actually end up graduating within 2 years (for an Associate’s Degree) or 4 years (for a Bachelor’s Degree)?
  2. Of those students who graduate from the program, what percent are working full-time directly in the field they studied?
  3. Of those graduates who are working directly in their field of study, what is the median starting salary for those graduates; and what is the median base salary five years after graduation?

You can view more information on institutional outcomes here, and each program page features data specific to that program as well.  

Career Services Mission

The Career Center is here to educate and serve the students and graduates of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the career education, planning, and developmental processes.

A student showcasing his graphic design project.

In support of the mission of the college, the Career Center functions as a vital component in the total educational experience of students, primarily in the development, evaluation, initiation, and implementation of career plans and opportunities. Career Center services and resources provide assistance to students in the cultivation and enhancement of skills to master job search techniques and strategies, as well as research employment opportunities. The Career Center provides effective and efficient service to employers in recruitment programs and activities.


Laurie Grove, Director of Career Services, speaks at an orientation session.
A student intern working in the electrical field.

More than 70 percent of students enrolled at Thaddeus Stevens College complete paid internship work in the industry during their tenure here. The Career Services office connects students with internship and work opportunities through career fairs, employer relationships, and its internship and job-posting site, College Central network.

A student speaks with a hiring manager at a Career Fair.

Thaddeus Stevens College hosts several Career Fairs in the Spring semester. Some are program-specific, such as the masonry career fair. Others are for all second-year students or for all first-year students aiming to find an internship and begin connecting with potential future employers. Employer registration for these events tends to fill up fast as the College maximizes its capacity!

Find a Job

The College uses a job-posting website known as College Central Network, on which employers can post their open internships and jobs, and students can apply.

Students and Alumni: College Central Network (CCN) is your best “first start” when looking for a job in your field. This is OUR Job Search website used exclusively for Thaddeus Stevens College students and graduates. You MUST register to use CCN (CollegeCentral.com/Stevens). New jobs are posted daily, and ALL include employer contact information. Be sure to follow the User ID and Password guidelines when registering.

How to Register for CCN

  • Go to www.collegecentral.com/Stevens
  • Select “Sign Up” next to “Need an Account?”
  • Make sure you use your Thaddeus Stevens College Student ID number located on your Student ID card as your User ID when creating your account.
  • Password: Create a password you will always remember – follow the password guidelines
  • Continue with your registration: You can use either your Thaddeus Stevens College email or your personal email when creating your account. Just ensure you use an email address you check frequently and can access easily. You will be asked to enter a secondary email address as a backup.

Download the CCN App

Once you have completed your registration, add the College Central Network app to your phone so you have immediate access at all times to the most recent jobs and internships posted for your major. To download the app, visit www.collegecentral.com/app/ and follow the instructions listed.

Job Search Websites

View Career Services Overview Here.

Student (On Campus) Employment

Students together on campus at Thaddeus Stevens College.

To find on-campus employment, you can visit the College Central Network system to review openings and apply.

The College is also regularly in need of student tutors and lab monitors. Use the following links to explore this option:

Thaddeus Stevens College Job Search Additional Support for Graduates

In addition to housing job opportunities on CollegeCentral.com/Stevens, all job opportunities will be forwarded directly to recent graduates via email in their respective majors for six months after graduation or until a graduate wishes to no longer receive notifications.

Continuing Education and Transferring

Thaddeus Stevens College provides key pathways to continuing your education as soon as you earn your associate degree. If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, start planning early. Access more information on transferring to another institution.

Contact Us

Laurie Grove, Director of Career Services
George Colon
, Career Services Coordinator

Hartzell Building, Room 106, 750 E King St, Lancaster PA

Summer Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Regular Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.