Thaddeus Stevens College Featured on WITF The Spark

Don’t miss a recent interview with President Rivera on WITF’s The Spark about Governor Shapiro’s Blueprint for Higher Education, and how Thaddeus Stevens College is already a bulwark of access and outcomes. The discussion revolves around Governor Shapiro’s move to make higher education both more accessible and affordable, with a strong emphasis on transformative outcomes for students. Thaddeus Stevens College often finds itself in the spotlight for its remarkable achievements, and we never tire of talking about our purpose.  

During the radio interview, President Rivera shared insights into the College’s core mission, which is deeply rooted in ensuring equitable access to higher education for all. The discussion highlights the College’s dedication to breaking down barriers and creating pathways for success, reflecting the broader goals of Governor Shapiro’s blueprint. Thaddeus Stevens College’s commitment to these principles not only reinforces its role as a leader in this new educational landscape but also serves as a model for other institutions aiming to adapt and thrive in an era demanding inclusivity and equity in higher education.  

Listen to the full interview here: 

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